Topical Cream is a New York-based arts organization supporting the work of women and gender non-conforming contemporary artists.

Khan To Assume the Role through 2021, Expanding our Mission To Platform Woman-identified Critics and Artists

The Topical Cream Editor-in-Residence program was developed in response to the urgent need for institutional support for criticism and experimental journalism as the pandemic shifted priorities within many publications and art organizations. Nominations for the residency were solicited from Topical Cream’s Board of Directors and advisors.

“I’ve long admired Topical Cream’s mission of supporting a diverse criticism and editorial roster. I’m thrilled to use this platform to continue advocating for and commissioning women and non-binary thinkers. Their voices, their rich analysis, help create a common critical language needed to understand the stakes of contemporary technology and digital culture. No other voices are more needed to not only frame the stakes of A.I., mass surveillance, and algorithmic mediation, but also imagine alternative futures for digital culture. My vision is to continue to push the boundaries of what digital art criticism and technological criticism can be, by supporting new forms of thinking,” stated Khan, critic and 2021 Topical Cream Editor-in-Residence.

“We look forward to supporting and thriving under Nora Khan’s leadership. Her groundbreaking work in the fields of art criticism and technology will push Topical Cream further into the future, creating more opportunities for thought leadership and bold new ideas from our community of extraordinary women and gender-non-conforming individuals,” said Topical Cream Founder and Director Lyndsy Welgos.

Nora N. Khan is a writer of criticism on digital visual culture and philosophy of emerging technology. Her research specifically focuses on experimental art and music practices that make arguments through software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. She is a professor at Rhode Island School of Design, in Digital + Media; she teaches graduate students critical theory and artistic research, critical writing both for artists and designers, and history of digital media.